A Recipe book specifically created to share inspirational stories, nutritional information and healthy recipes created by Pet Owners for their Pets. Adding a personal touch is the fact that all the  photographs  of the  meals and treats were taken by the person that submitted the recipes.  

This book was inspired by Ruby Tuesday Levitt, a Staffie, that faced a life threatening disease and made a phenomenal recovery. To ensure that she remained on the road to good health and to faciliate weight loss, her Mum, Rochelle, needed to change her diet.

All the recipes come from friends and family all of whom feed their Pets healthy and nutritious home prepared meals. The most important ingredient being love. 

Please keep in mind that when introducing new foods into your Pet’s diet it is preferable to only introduce one new item at a time as adding too many varieties at once may cause an upset tummy.  

It is also important to note that before feeding your Pets with any of the delicious meals made from the recipes in this book it is always preferable to consult with your family Vet to ensure that the ingredients are conducive to your Pets specific health needs.

“Love is a four-legged word”  Unknown

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