“Pets are our dear companions. They give us unconditional love, devotion and companionship. They are totally dependent on us for their food, their comfort and affection. At Perky Pets we provide you with the best possible products and advice to help you take care of your special friends."


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Perky Pets Aquarium Stores
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Perky Pets Aquarium Stores


Taking Care of Your Friends

Perky Pets Pet Stores are recognized as one of the leading retail pet store brands in the Western Cape. Its superstore is situated in Diep River, with 5 other outlets located in and around Cape Town.


"The team at Perky Pets has a hand on and interactive approach when dealing with our customers to ensure the best possible customer service and advice is provided.  Our qualified and knowledgeable team is always eager to answer any questions and assist when needed."

Perky Pets carry a large variety of well know pet food and pet care brands, that cater to your pets specific needs. 

In addition, the Diep River superstore has the convenience of a Vet Service adjacent to its premises not to mention a super sized Aquarium Store that stocks some of the worlds most desired  tropical fish and saltwater aquarium supplies and expertise .  


Catering to all your pet Puppy and Adult Dog needs from food to grooming products and Canine accessories. 

If you looking for pet Hamsters and Rabbits visit us. We have a big range of accessories and food that will make your pet happy. 

From the Exotic to the cute domesticated Budgies, we supply the highest quality seed manufactured in-house to ensure your Pet bird remains healthy and strong


A large range of products from health care to breed specific food for kittens and grown cats are  available

For all your reptile needs as well as live stock you will find what you need with us. We can help you keep your pet reptile happy and healthy. 

Over 450m2 of floor space is dedicated to the Aquarium Stores. You have to see it to believe it. Come join us for a cup of coffee and let our Seachem Specialists assist you. 

Our Sister Company,  VetzCare has an online store for your shopping convenience and would be delighted to assist you.




Taking Care of Your Friends

8:30 AM - 5:00 PM

Monday - Friday


8:30 AM - 2:00 PM


9:00 AM - 1:00 PM

Sunday & Public Holidays


Address: 186 Main Road, Diep River, Cape Town, Western Cape

Email: info@petproducts.co.za
Tel:  +27 21 712 8283

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